WhatsApp Messenger: Enjoy Endless Instant Messaging Without The Associated Fees

On December 27, 2009

App Type: iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger: Enjoy Endless Instant Messaging Without The Associated Fees

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By: WhatsApp

Version #: 2.3

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Do you have to limit your instant messaging in order to keep costs low? Many people get frustrated by the difficulties and fees associated with IM activities, but with the WhatsApp Messenger on an iPhone, a user can send as many IMs to their fellow iPhone using friends including international numbers without any fees or limitations.

Once the app is loaded to the device, as well as to the iPhones of contact buddies, the instant messaging can begin! The WhatsApp Messenger is a push notification type of program that provides chat options between iPhone and iPod Touch device users. There are no enrollment requirements and chats can occur between international lines without any further fees.

Additionally, there is no account creation required as well, and all contact data is automatically taken directly from the device contact list or address book. The app will also allow the user to indicate their current status (available, at store, etc.) and to store and save messages whenever the device is offline in order to allow the user to review messages later.

There are all kinds of social networking clients and instant messaging programs, but the WhatsApp Messenger is unique in that it allows free and unlimited IMs to software users.

The app functions exclusively with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and can operate in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages. The app costs $0.99 for the download with free fixes included.

If you want to enjoy unlimited IMs with your buddies, this is the app to download today.

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