Augmented Driving: Every Driver’s New Best Friend With Proactive Alerts

On September 27, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Augmented Driving: Every Driver’s New Best Friend With Proactive Alerts

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Would you be interested in a device that warned you if you were drifting outside of your lane in traffic? How about one that told you if you were going above the posted speed limit? The Augmented Driving app gives a modern driver all of that, and much more.

When using the Augmented Driving app, a driver is going to be able detect and get warning of any lane changing activities, receive an alert if there is “low distance” between their vehicle and another, allow for a warning threshold to be created which will help to prevent speeding, and work in a variety of driving environments. The way that it operates is simple, it uses the built-in camera to understand the driving conditions, and then takes the settings selected by the user to determine which functions to use.

For instance, there is the option for moving traffic detection, distance information, lane detections, and more. The driver can also indicate if they are on a country road, state highway, or thruway. Once the device is properly mounted and calibrated, it shows a display of the roadway and uses its equipment to provide all kinds of driving support.

There are all kinds of driving and navigation apps, but the Augmented Driving app is incredibly unique in that it actually reads road conditions in real-time and gives the driver the assistance they need to remain safe.

This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The cost for the app is $2.99 and all updates are free of charge.

When you want to ensure that your driving is as safe as possible, the Augmented Driving app is an ideal tool to add to your device.

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