Flipn' Monsters!: Experience The Classic Childhood Memory Game Gone Wild

On February 8, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Flipn' Monsters!: Experience The Classic Childhood Memory Game Gone Wild

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By: The Laboratory

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Did you ever play a memory card game when you were a kid? It might have been one that used almost any sort of theme, but the basic premise was to turn a deck of cards face down and then try to pair them up by remembering where they appeared on the table. Now, the Flipn’ Monsters! app offers a mobile version of this childhood favorite.

During a game of Flipn’ Monsters! the mobile device user will have to choose from two gaming formats. There is the Classic version that is a slow-paced mode during which time the player can compete against their previous times or streaks in order to master the game and head to the Arcade mode.

In the Arcade game the player is forced to compete against the clock in order to match up identical pairs of monsters from the cards on the screen. As they move from level to level, however, the game becomes more challenging because the cards will begin to shift and slide around the screen. A simple shake of the device does allow the player a sneak peek at all of the cards for a brief instant. Best times are saved to the device and the game is ideal for people of all ages.

There are many all-ages games for the mobile platform, and the Flipn’ Monsters! app is one that will fit in with a good collection of family-oriented games or apps.

The cost for the app is $0.99, and updates are made available at no additional charge. Flipn’ Monsters! is compatible exclusively with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

When you are looking for simple, addictive gaming fun, this is definitely an app to download to your collection.

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