Surf Report: Find The Best Surf And Take Out The Guess Work

On August 21, 2009

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Surf Report: Find The Best Surf And Take Out The Guess Work

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Surfing might be viewed as a leisurely past time, but it takes skill to master and it also requires a lot of information. For instance, it takes the right kind of weather conditions and waves to enjoy a few hours of surfing fun. With the Surf Report app all of the guess work is taken out of identifying the right beaches for each day. With this app a dedicated surfer can review the anticipated conditions for thousands of beaches, and across a two-day forecast.

They can also get the details on all kinds of surfing news and events. The app lists local and national surf events, provides video clips of the latest competitions, connects surfers all around the world through various online communities, and explains the right conditions on a beach by beach basis. This means a user could find their local beaches, learn what sort of heights and temperatures are the most desirable for the beaches on their “favorites” list, and never pull out their laptop to get such information.

There are some tide information apps and general weather programs that can let a surfer know what to expect for a day or two at their nearest beaches, but none other can assess every location and provide a surfer with direct contacts within the surfing world. Currently this app works only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

There is no cost for this application and any former “bugs” have been recently addressed and eliminated.

If you want to hit the waves when they are at their peak conditions you will want to download this app immediately.

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