PreFlight: Forget The Protractor And The Maps And Enjoy Your Flight

On January 15, 2010

App Type: iPhone

PreFlight: Forget The Protractor And The Maps And Enjoy Your Flight

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By: Roeland van der Spek

Version #: 1.2

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If you are an experienced, or even a novice, pilot you know that one of the most significant and yet tiring tasks involved in planning an air trip is the creation of the flight plan. The PreFlight app, however, streamlines and simplifies the process to a roughly five minute procedure.

Pilots who choose to use the PreFlight app will be able to forego all of the guess work and the tracking down of wind information and appropriate maps. To use the app the individual must just select the type of craft that they will be using, the desired cruising altitude, the relative temperature, and the QNH (barometric altimeter reading that allows the plane’s equipment to accurately read ground level for a specific airport), and the app generates all the appropriate details.

The app will deliver the most accurate wind calculations, time and fuel needs, the true course for the flight, and a highly economic altitude for each leg of the anticipated flight. The app can also plan flights up to two full days in advance and comes with a pre-loaded database of over fifty thousand airfields.

There are several navigation apps such as VORVis and CFI Tools VOR, but the PreFlight app is designed to function as a perfect substitute for the manual calculations that so often dampen a pilot’s enthusiasm.

The cost for the app is $16.99, and all updates will come without any further financial requirements. This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you like to fly, but hate to plan those flights, this is an ideal app to add to your mobile device.

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