Oz Weather: Get Accurate Australian Weather From Anywhere On The Globe

On March 29, 2010

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Oz Weather: Get Accurate Australian Weather From Anywhere On The Globe

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Many weather apps deliver forecasts based on data taken from space, but the Oz Weather app uses approximately fifty land based stations spread all around the Australian continent. This means that an app user in New York is getting pin point accurate information in traditional real time accuracy.

Regardless of where an app user is located, when they want accurate weather information they don’t want the best guess of a computer located thousands of miles from the actual geographic location. The Oz Weather app provides users with seven-day forecasts, current weather, animated radar, and on the ground observations. This means that the information is far more accurate and relevant than any coming from weather experts located on other continents or in other time zones.

The app also has a huge amount of alternative information too. For example, there is a full screen of data strictly on the current conditions in all major Australian cities; there is temperature data for each location available in handy chart form; and there is now airport information too.

There are literally dozens of weather oriented apps available, but the Oz Weather app is one that guarantees accurate details on more than 250 Australian towns from real time data taken from official land-based observatories.

The cost for the app is $1.99, and any updates are entirely free of charge. This app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want the most reliable Australian weather information possible, this is the ideal app to download for the job.

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