gTrax: Get The Incredibly Reliable System For Tracking Vessels At Sea

On January 12, 2010

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gTrax: Get The Incredibly Reliable System For Tracking Vessels At Sea

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Whether you are a hobbyist who heads out into the ocean waters on a regular basis, or the captain of a larger ship the gTrax app will be a very handy tool to own. It is the offspring of a specially designed information system and gives accurate details about location and vessel types of other craft nearby.

Those who use the gTrax app will be able to access the MIS – Maritime Information Systems which is the world’s leading approach to tracking vessels at sea. Using specially mounted antennas on masses of commercial ships, the system allows the app to indicate the presence of every vessel, its speed, course or direction, and other significant information. The app then color-codes vessels by twenty different categories, and allows the user to select only those types they wish to track or see.

The types range from passenger boats such as ferries and cruise liners to sailing vessels, tugs and even enormous cargo ships. Currently locations are limited to San Francisco, New York City, Baltimore, Beaumont, Boston, The Great Lakes, Miami, Seattle, Shanghai, and Tampa.

The gTrax app is an exclusive offering that is tied directly to the data systems of the MIS. This makes it a highly valuable tool for those that frequently navigate the waters which the app is able to cover.

The cost for the app is $4.99, and all updates will come at no additional expense. The app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you need a reliable and customizable tool for marine navigation, this is an ideal app to download to your mobile device right away.

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