Fitnio: Get The Same Data As A Treadmill But Without Running On One

On July 15, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Fitnio: Get The Same Data As A Treadmill But Without Running On One

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By: Fitnio

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Have you ever gone jogging or walking and had no idea how fast you were moving, how far you had gone, or how much time you were taking? If so, then Fitnio is a mobile application that can help you make the most out of your workout. You get the same data that you would get if you were running on a treadmill.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tie yourself to a treadmill to get that information. Fitnio works with the GPS technology within the iPhone in order to give you real time feedback during your exercise. As for the data that will be given back to you, you can expect to see your distance, your pace, speed, and how many calories you have burned. There is also quick start and cool down options so that you exercise properly.

As for how Fitnio differs from other iPhone fitness applications, you can also program in an emergency contact so that help is always close. You also integrate the application with your music playlist and create an exercise playlist to help you make it through. Fitnio will start the playlist when you start exercising and automatically stop it when you are finished. All of these are features that you won’t find in apps such as FitnessBuilder or RunKeeper.

And for a price of $1.99, the application will more than pay for itself because of the assistance it offers you in your exercise endeavors. You can completely ditch the treadmill and hit the road.

So download Fitnio today and start an exercise routine that will work for you.

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