Invoice2go: Get Those Invoices And Quotes Out Fast Without Being Fixed To Your Office

On August 3, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Invoice2go: Get Those Invoices And Quotes Out Fast Without Being Fixed To Your Office

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Modern business owners usually have to be extreme multitaskers, and many must do so while “on the go”. This is the reason that the Invoice2go app is such an amazingly handy tool to download to your mobile device. It allows entirely custom documents to be created and sent without any time at a computer or printer. Save money and time when you create all of your invoices, quotes, refunds, purchase orders and other commercial documents through the Invoice2go app.

It allows the user to access ten special templates to which they can add their own logos and details as well as all of the data that must be sent to a client or vendor. The document is then transformed into the universal “PDF” format and attached to an email to the recipient, and even to the sender for later printing and filing.

The documents can also be opened electronically by the recipient where they can use such features as PayPal buttons in order to pay the invoice. All taxes are automatically totaled and added in as well. The app also includes a tracking feature that allows the user to note outstanding balances and payments received too. All Invoice2go documents can be exported to a desktop or laptop computer as well.

Although the Invoice Maker app and the Omni Invoice app can provide some of these functions, the Invoice2go has been rated the number one choice for five years in a row.

The cost for this amazing software is only $9.99, and it works with over eight different currencies and languages.

If you are a professional who must work while on the road, the Invoice2go app can really help you get it all done easily and accurately.

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