Wikipanion: Get Your Wikipedia Fix On The Go And Never Wonder About Anything Again

On July 20, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Wikipanion: Get Your Wikipedia Fix On The Go And Never Wonder About Anything Again

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By: Robert Chin

Version #: 1.5a

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Price: 4.99

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We have all encountered that situation in which we need to look something up and we need to look it up now. When on our computers we turn to Wikipedia to find information, but when we are on the go that can be rather difficult. Fortunately, Wikipanion, available for the iPhone and iPhone Touch, comes with a wide array of features that makes finding information on the go quite easy.

Wikipanion has been designed to make searching through your phone easy. Browsing history that is grouped by the date visited, bookmarking, and a table of contents are just a few of the features that make Wikipanion unique. You also have access to language switching, Google searching, the Wiktionary Dictionary, font resizing, and much more.

Furthermore, you will not find another application like Wikipanion with all of its functions. There are similar reference apps, such as One Seek, WordDigest English Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and TiniWiki Encyclopedia, but Wikipanion is simply unique.

And if you’re interested in having a reference Bible such as this at your disposal, you can get Wikipanion for free. However, Wikipanion plus has made its debut with even more features and you can download it for just $4.99 and use it forever.

So if you want to get your Wikipedia fix on the go, Wikipanion makes a great companion in relieving that “must know all” anxiety that many of us suffer from. You could even impress your friends and family with your knowledge of everything.

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