Air Mouse Pro: Go Totally Wireless With This Universal Remote Control

On October 3, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Air Mouse Pro: Go Totally Wireless With This Universal Remote Control

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By: R.P.A. Tech

Version #: 1.5.5

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A universal remote control is something that many people try to find, but there are not many that can handle computer functions as well as media requirements. The Air Mouse Pro app converts an iPod Touch or iPhone into a remote control device capable of running a huge assortment of applications and devices.

The Air Mouse Pro app lets the mobile device know what application is being run and quickly converts the interface to accommodate it. For instance, anyone who is running a presentation on their laptop can convert their iPod Touch into a remote control for the device. The built-in accelerometer makes the mobile device a full-speed mouse, without any sort of delayed response time.

The app allows the device to serve strictly as a touchpad, as a full landscape-mode keyboard, as a traditional mouse, and as a remote for various media. For example, the app can run and operate Firefox programs, iTunes functions, Windows Media Center processes, and much more. This means it is an ideal component for a home theater system, office presentations, or wherever a remote computer function is required.

There are many utility apps that can make running devices of all kinds much simpler and efficient, but the Air Mouse Pro is a unique way to free yourself from your desk. It is only functional with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for this app is $2.99, and it does require the download of the appropriate server application from the developer in order to be functional.

If you want to use your mobile device in a new and effective way, this is the app to try.

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