Quordy: How Many Words Could You Make From Sixteen Letters

On January 22, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Quordy: How Many Words Could You Make From Sixteen Letters

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By: Lonely Star Software

Version #: 1.4.1

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Price: 2.99

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The Quordy app will seem somewhat simple, at first, but then the real challenges begin. Sure it is easy to make an endless list of words from the sixteen tiles on the screen, but how easy is it when the letters must all touch in order to be put to use? This is the major obstacle to the game.

Upon opening the Quordy app the player is presented with the choice to play alone or against a friend. If so, both players receive the same exact board, which is a four row by four row grid of letters. The players must just touch the letters and slide their finger in any direction to create new words. The thing is that all of the letters used have to touch in order to qualify. Games are played without any time constraints, or they can be limited to one, three and five minute durations. Points are awarded for each word made. There are also challenges that can provide players with a list of words to find and complete according to the rules as well. The app stores the records of all the player’s badge-worthy accomplishments and lets them track their proficiency.

There are many word games such as Wordtouch, Muddled, and Imangi, but the Quordy app is really designed to be super-simple and available to more than a single player.

The Quordy app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $2.99, and any upgrades are available for free.

If you want to enjoy an addictive, fun, and simple word game on your mobile device, then this is the app for you to download today.

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