Do-It-Yourself Democracy: How To Take Action At A Federal, State And Local Level

On May 10, 2010

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Do-It-Yourself Democracy: How To Take Action At A Federal, State And Local Level

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If you are like millions of others you may know that you live in a democracy, but you are not sure how to make it work for you on a personal level. With the Do-it-Yourself Democracy app you will be able to understand the inner workings of government and how to make effective actions.

Sadly not many citizens are aware of the names of their elected representatives, and this makes it incredibly difficult for most people to actively participate in governmental matters. The Do-it-Yourself Democracy app uses extremely plain language and simple tools to introduce people to their representatives at the local, state, and federal levels. It also gives one-touch methods of communicating with their offices via the web, email, or phone.

The app also covers all of the laws and rights of citizens on all levels as well, and even delivers access to such matters as the approved state and local budgets and even sales tax rates. The app also features a handy public forum that allows people to connect with others in their area who are hoping to tackle a specific issue, and to get the proverbial ball rolling.

While there are certainly other governmental and political apps such as myGovernment or Political GPS, the Do-it-Yourself Democracy app is especially designed to help citizens actively participate in the world around them.

There is no cost for the app and every update is made available entirely free of charge too. This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and participate in your government this app is the ideal first step.

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