Ghostly Discovery: Instantly Stream Music To Match Your Mood

On August 15, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Ghostly Discovery: Instantly Stream Music To Match Your Mood

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By: o2 Creative Solutions

Version #: 1.0

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Ever find yourself looking for the perfect music to go with whatever mood you may be feeling? Ghostly Discovery, developed by O2 Creative Solutions, has created a radio station based software that instantly streams music to your iPhone that reflects the way that you’re feeling. Using a simple color wheel with an adorable ghost icon in the center of it, you can adjust the music that is played by the radio station to mimic whether you are feeling happy and upbeat or sad and mellow.

The music comes from the extensive Ghostly International and Spectral Sound Catalogue and forms a growing play list on your iPhone. Some of the impressive features of this app include the ability to select a favorite of the songs on the mood playlist, find information about the artist you are listening to, and of course you can instantly purchase the songs of your choice on iTunes so that you can listen to the music again and again.

There are two control nodes on the application that allow you to adjust the style of the music you want to hear while still staying within your mood range. If you prefer the music to be more digital or organic the lever adjusts to either end of the continuum. Also you can adjust the other lever for faster or slower music. This app will provide you with a soundtrack to suit your life.

The application will lead you to brand new and older music that you may have never heard before. This app is free to download.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this great music app today!

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