BudgetCare: Intuitive Financial Management For All Of Your Budget Needs

On November 15, 2009

App Type: iPhone

BudgetCare: Intuitive Financial Management For All Of Your Budget Needs

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By: Suponix.com

Version #: 1.0.6

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Are you living on a budget? Regardless of your answer to that question, you will find the BudgetCare app to be a remarkably helpful tool for better financial management. It offers the user easy methods for tracking income and expenses and really seeing how they handle their money.

This app is intended for personal or family financial management and it offers up several simple approaches to recording and analyzing household finances. First, the user can view expenditures and bills on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They can then ask the app to condense this data into a handy pie chart. It is this sort of graphic that can really let anyone see if they are overspending on specific items or areas in their budget.

Next, the app can allow the user to “lock” into a set monthly budget which is simply rolled over from month to month. Alternately, the user can continually adjust their budgeted amounts until they get into the most comfortable plan possible. There are a pre-set range of categories which are the most common for household expenses, but custom categories are easily added too. This app also works with a variety of currencies including dollars, pounds, Euros and yen.

Naturally there are many budget planning apps available for iPod Touch and iPhone users, but the BudgetCare app is consistently ranked as one of the most preferred for its ease of use and organized viewing screens.

The cost of the app is only $1.99 for the download and free updates are always available through the company’s website.

In today’s economy you can’t afford to live without a budget and this app can get you on track almost instantly.

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