Billings Touch: Keep On Top Of Your Business Administration Needs Efficiently

On February 1, 2010

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Billings Touch: Keep On Top Of Your Business Administration Needs Efficiently

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Those who already use the Billings program know how remarkably effective it is at handling most business requirements, and now the Billings Touch app is the ideal mobile companion to the program. It allows the individual to perform many standard functions through a mobile platform.

Imagine tracking job time, business or project expenses, and professional mileage with a few taps of a screen. Then adding new client profiles, making and adding payments, and formatting retainers for jobs in the same simple way. The Billings Touch app enables its users just that sort of ease of use and remarkable functionality. It is the ideal companion for those already using the master program on their desktop or laptop computers, and it is able to easily sync with existing installations.

The in-app purchase option also allows the individual to unlock the capabilities for generating and sending invoices to established or new clients via an email feature as well. There are many handy reference tables, timers, and reports that are included in the app too, and these can indicate daily profits, expenses, and more.

There are many business management apps, including those that track job or project times, create invoices, and manage payments, but the Billings Touch app is geared at providing a comprehensive set of tools that can coordinate with existing management software.

There is no cost for the Billings Touch app download, though it can be unlocked via the in-app purchase which provides the full upgrade. This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are looking for mobile business management tools, this is a good app to download and use right away.

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