WideNoise: Keep Track of The Noise Around You And Live In Peace And Quite

On July 19, 2009

App Type: iPhone

WideNoise: Keep Track of The Noise Around You And Live In Peace And Quite

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By: Davide Casali, Aaron Brancotti, Trinity Dunnit, Leandro Agrò, Roberto Ostinelli

Version #: 2.0.1

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We’ve all experienced it. You have found yourself in a very loud environment. As a matter of fact, it is so loud that you can’t seem to function the way you need to. With the WideNoise app for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can keep tabs on how much noise is surrounding you and even avoid those very noisy areas.

It is said that too much noise over time can damage hearing. But not only can you monitor current noise levels, but you can also look at an online map that keeps track of the average sound level in the surrounding area. How does WideNoise do this? Well, it is Openspime powered, which is an infrastructure that both reads and writes data regarding noise. Keep in mind that too much noise is pollution too. With WideNoise, you are able to check the noise levels in the area you are currently in.

There are other applications available, such as Noise Level and Decibel Meter, but the technology that is used in WideNoise is something that is one of a kind. You can actually live a better social life by knowing what the sound pollution is like in an area before you go there. You can also better control your own noise to be a better neighbor, co-worker, and friend.

And you’re able to download the WideNoise app for just $1.99. This is very affordable for this particular function. With the positive changes in your life, it will more than pay for itself, especially when WideNoise can help you to preserve your hearing.

So go ahead and download WideNoise today so that you can make life a little quieter.

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