ThinkPocket: Keep Track Of Your Schedule In An Innovative Manner

On August 9, 2010

App Type: iPhone

ThinkPocket: Keep Track Of Your Schedule In An Innovative Manner

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If you are like everyone else in the world it is likely that you have notes and to do lists that often get lost or forgotten. Instead of tracking appointments on little cards and slips of paper, why not add the ThinkPocket app to your device and let it do the work? The ThinkPocket app is a very graphical calendar and planning program that uses a simple pocket design as the home screen.

In the pocket are folders, notes, tasks, and an easy to read calendar. Tapping on any of the elements expands them and allows the user to check the status, edit, delete, or complete the item. There are tabs for Event, Task, Calendar, and Memo, and each of these can be starred for significance or even have tags, check marks, due dates, or timers imposed upon them.

The items are all color-coded to make things even easier, and the entire app can be synced to a pre-existing Google Calendar to make life even more manageable than ever before. There are also options for setting up holidays according to the home country – and there are 35 countries supported in the app.

There are plenty of scheduling, to do, and project management apps, but the ThinkPocket app seeks to combine them into one seamless option. The ability to sync with the Google Calendar also makes it unique in the world of management apps too.

The cost for the app is $0.99, and any updates will be made available for no additional charge. ThinkPocket functions with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are looking for a smooth and comprehensive approach to managing your busy schedule, the ThinkPocket app will become an essential tool in your daily life.

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