Little Black Book: Keeping Track Of Playing The Field Has Never Been Easier

On November 3, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Little Black Book: Keeping Track Of Playing The Field Has Never Been Easier

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By: Saltlick Labs

Version #: 2.1.1

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Price: 4.99

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There are many people who are looking for that special someone, but they are not limiting themselves to just one or two people which can get confusing. For such individuals, the Little Black Book app is a vital tool for success. It keeps tracks of all kinds of information about every date, and is also a good way to track venues and locations visited for future dating opportunities as well.

The Little Black Book app is a highly-advanced contact and address book that allows entries to be tagged by such things a first impressions, ratings, and even a romance counter. The user can make notes about their dates with any individual, keep this data password secured, and track the details of their last four dates with each person.

The app features categories that include contacts, places, and dates which can be easily and quickly browsed during a phone conversation – and this can help to avoid any embarrassing mistakes or to cover when someone has been forgotten. The app also features password and dial lock protection to prevent snooping or phone calls at the wrong time.

There are other black book-style apps available, but the Little Black Book is one that offers a comprehensive set of data which can be integrated into an existing contacts list. It is also entirely secure and password protected as well. The Little Black Book app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices, and many upgrades and additional features are planned.

The cost for this app is $4.99 and updates to the program are free of charge.

If you want to keep your social life more organized and entirely private, this is the app to download.

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