iFeltThat Earthquake: Know The Effects With This Comprehensive Set Of Data

On November 16, 2009

App Type: iPhone

iFeltThat Earthquake: Know The Effects With This Comprehensive Set Of Data

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By: Danny Goodman

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If you are someone who lives in or has friends and family within an area prone to earthquakes, the iFeltThat Earthquake app will quickly become a favorite mobile tool. It is a highly customizable approach for receiving comprehensive earthquake data from major outlets and resources. The app can register relatively minor events and also alert the app user to major ones.

It allows very precise and specific views and even provides region-wide maps that indicate the range of any quake. Those using the iFeltThat Earthquake can select four primary regions to monitor, and these will appear in the bottom bar of the screen. They can also take a look at maps around the world in hybrid or road map format to gauge the impact of any event.

The app also automatically detects the center point position of the user and generates a map of this region for them, but an unlimited number of additional center points can be added as well. The details provided on maps are never general, and the exact distance down to a tenth of a mile from a center point will always be provided.

Other earthquake apps include Mappity Quakes and Shake Earthquakes Monitor, but it is only the iFeltThat Earthquake app that delivers such pinpoint accurate details about locations and magnitudes of events.

The cost for the iFeltThat Earthquake app is $0.99, and any upgrades are delivered free of charge. The app has been designed to operate exclusively with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you would like thorough details and coverage of earthquakes in your region or around the world, this is the app to acquire today.

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