Guitar Toolkit: Learn, Practice And Play Guitar Chords And Songs

On August 14, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Guitar Toolkit: Learn, Practice And Play Guitar Chords And Songs

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By: Agile Partners

Version #: 1.2.2

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Price: 9.99

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Are you a Guitar lover? The technological advancements in the application production have truly benefited musicians. The Guitar Toolkit iPhone application created by Agile Partners has integrated a variety of useful resources for any guitarist whether they have just started learning on their six-string or if they have been playing since the day they were born.

The program has a sleek design that accentuates a cool style to make you feel like the hippest musician on the block. The interface is beautiful in its simplicity and very easy to use. The software includes a chromatic tuner that allows you to tune your guitar wherever you are. Whether you are over at your buddies or out in a crowded square, the tuner will make sure the guitar is not the reason you sound bad.

For beginners, the program has a Chord Finder with an extensive library of chords. The display shows where on the guitar’s neck you will need to place your fingers so when you play that sappy ballad for your girlfriend you will impress her by not butchering the chords. In the event that you were born without the gift of rhythm, you can flip on a metronome that will keep your strumming on beat.

If you do not want to rely simply on the chromatic tuner, the Guitar Toolkit app also offers a series of tuning tones and scales so you can tune your instrument by ear. For those who want to be the next Axle Rose, the program has 12-string support. You will be a rock star in no time.

Guitar Toolkit is available for download for $9.99. This small investment will pay big dividends for guitar players and learners.

So, if you want to take your guitar skill up a notch, download your copy of Guitar Toolkit and start practicing.

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