iReconcile: Liberate Yourself From The Old-Fashioned Check Register

On March 8, 2010

App Type: iPhone

iReconcile: Liberate Yourself From The Old-Fashioned Check Register

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By: AtomicUnit Software

Version #: 1.0.3

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Price: 2.99

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One thing that many people hate to do is to track every expense in their check register. With modern debit cards it also easy to spend a few extra dollars here and there and simply forget to write it into the appropriate book too. With the iReconcile app it is now simple to know where your money is, and without the pen and paper.

The iReconcile app opens with a streamlined user screen depicting the simple activities that will be used to keep individual finances entirely organized. The user can develop several registers for each active account, create budgets for all items that absorb income, they can generate reports, search for transactions, create memorized and repetitive expenses, and export detailed information to be used by financial software too.

The app will also track transfers between accounts, and allow for information to be displayed in an entirely customized manner as well. If security is a concern, the app will also provide a PIN entrance feature that prevents startup until the correct security information is entered.

There are many bookkeeping and financial apps, but the iReconcile app is geared at personal use and comprehensive management of day to day expenses.

It is suitable for iPod Touch and iPhone devices only, and does require a low-cost monthly subscription for some of the advanced syncing functions. The cost for the app is $2.99 and any updates are free of charge.

When you are ready to have complete control of your finances at the tip of your fingers, this is the app to download for the work.

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