Live Poker By Zynga: Live Poker Takes A New Direction – Mobile Viva Las Vegas

On July 31, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Live Poker By Zynga: Live Poker Takes A New Direction – Mobile Viva Las Vegas

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By: Zynga

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Are you a social networking fan? Do you also enjoy playing online Poker? If you answered yes to both questions, then the Zynga app is definitely for you. It is the most popular way to play Poker for Facebook and MySpace fans, and allows the user to access the game directly through their social networking accounts. This means you can play against your registered friends during lunch and coffee breaks or while enjoying a morning commute!

Those who download the Zynga app will have a ready-made pool of friends against which they can enjoy regular games of Poker. It allows users to compete directly against all of the people on their 3G network or through their wireless connections. Additionally, gamers receive two thousand free chips each day they login to play, and many different tools allow players to chat with one another while they share the table, find friends missing from a game, or even “buy a round” of drinks to celebrate a winning hand.

Although there are already other Poker games for iPod Touch and iPhone users, Zynga is the only one directly integrated into social networking sites which means playing with friends has never been easier. It also allows you to send chip gifts to friends as a way of enticing them into a game.

The Zynga app costs only $2.99 for the download and is about to be MySpace compatible as well.

If you want to enjoy a daily game of hold’ em Poker against your friends, family or co-workers it is time to download the Zynga app right away.

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