Starmap Pro: Locate More Than Two Million Objects In Space

On August 20, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Starmap Pro: Locate More Than Two Million Objects In Space

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There are millions of people obsessed with objects in the night sky. Stars, planets, galaxies, moons and so much more can be found if you know how to look for it. This is where the Starmap Pro app can come in super-handy. It contains dozens of catalogs of data, and the locations of more than two million objects. This app gives the user a handy tool for traditional stargazing and even provides all kinds of help for experienced telescope users too.

There is an “eyepiece” view that gives the user an exact replica of what they should be seeing through their scope at that instant, but there are also much more simplified star maps that can indicate where constellations, planets and stars are located in a much simpler manner.

The app uses GPS auto locating to deliver the appropriate maps and calendars to the viewer’s requests. It also operates in a night vision mode to reduce any affect upon viewing conditions. If a user wants to be alerted to specific objects or viewings they can program their device to remind them of this, and there are full calendars available too.

While there are many star navigation apps for iPhone and iPod Touch users, this one covers the widest range of needs. From advanced stargazers to the most novice levels, all can put this app to effective use.

The cost for this app is $18.99 which is far less than it would cost to purchase the massive number of catalogs and charts that this program contains.

If you want to enjoy successful stargazing, this is a great app to download.

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