Nearest Tube: London Underground Travel Made Easier Than Ever Before

On November 11, 2009

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Nearest Tube: London Underground Travel Made Easier Than Ever Before

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The London Underground is a remarkably efficient and affordable way to travel throughout the city, but a usual point of confusion is that it is somewhat difficult to know which entrance to use and which trains will arrive in the station. Now, anyone using the Nearest Tube app will be able to instantly view any nearby stations as well as the trains that frequent them.

Those using the Nearest Tube app will not have to rely on the traditionally puzzling and unclear two-dimensional maps, and will instead receive a photographic image of their exact location with the various tube stations pictured in the directions in which they are located. Alternately, the user can hold the device flat and receive an image of the ground at their feet, with guiding arrows pointing out the various stations in the area as well.

The station information provided will include the distance to the station and the destinations served by the trains entering the spot. For instance, a view screen might show the sign for Euston Square at half of a mile away and explain that it is the nearest spot for Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan line trains.

There are other London Underground navigational and transit maps, but the Nearest Tube aims to be more user-friendly and easy to read than any others.

This app functions exclusively with iPhone 3G accounts, and operates with English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese Languages. The cost for the Nearest Tube app is $1.99 and any updates will be free of charge.

If you want a graphically pleasing way to navigate the London Underground, this is the app for you to download right away.

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