Run Keeper: Maintain Your Fitness Without Thinking About It

On July 21, 2009

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Run Keeper: Maintain Your Fitness Without Thinking About It

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By: FitnessKeeper, Inc.

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You love the feeling of a nice long workout, but track your movements or your workout data can be a real chore. With Run Keeper, this can be done for you. This easy to use app will monitor all your activity for you. It taps into the GPS capabilities of your iPhone to track every one of your fitness activities including the calories you burn, your elevation, the path you traveled, the time it took you and even the distance you went.

All of this data is stored for you, without you needing to do anything. Whether you just want to improve your general fitness level or you’re in serious training for an event, Run Keeper is an ideal tool. It records everything and allows you to view your entire workout history on a personal web dashboard, so you can monitor your progress. This is found at This feature makes monitoring your progress fast and simple.

A further benefit of using Run Keeper is its ability to broadcast all of your information to the world, if you would like to. This helps to set this tool apart from others. You can use the auto sharing features to connect to Twitter or Facebook. If you’re training with a group, this is a great way to let your friends know you are getting in shape. Challenge them to beat your numbers.

There are two versions of Run Keeper, a free download version and Run Keeper Pro. It definitely beats the cost of any high priced GPS tracking tool for fitness on the market.

If you want to improve your fitness without having to write down charts or spend countless dollars on high tech equipment, Run Keeper is just tool for you. So, don’t delay. Download your copy today!

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