RjDj: Make A Soundtrack of Your Life And Other Lives From Around The World

On July 18, 2009

App Type: iPhone

RjDj: Make A Soundtrack of Your Life And Other Lives From Around The World

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By: Michael Breidenbruecker

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A lot goes on throughout the course of your day – your dog barks, your baby cries, the kids play the television too loud, and the cat meows. So what if you could take all of these sounds and compile them into a unique song? That’s what the RjDj application does. You are provided with a premium sound recorder that allows you to take the sounds of your day and compile them into a masterpiece.

All you need to do is download different scenes and you are presented with a whole new reality. You can hear the worlds of other people and other people can hear yours. You may find yourself quite surprised at what you can create based on your own perception of the world. This is why the scenes that are downloaded are considered “digital drugs.” The musical sensation is similar to a trip.

You do have access to other applications such as the iTM MidiLab, but many are raving over the RjDj application because it is unlike any other music application for your iPhone. Being able to enter the worlds of others, create your own, and share that is something you do not usually find in an application. In other words, it cannot be compared.

And if you want to create your own musical world or listen to the worlds of others, RjDj is a free download. All you have to do is download and start recording or downloading the worlds or “scenes” of others for a different type of musical enjoyment.

So go ahead and download RjDj right now and experience a complete different version of fun.

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