Postage ~ Postcards: Make Custom Cards And Greetings Without A Design Degree

On April 19, 2010

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Postage ~ Postcards: Make Custom Cards And Greetings Without A Design Degree

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So often people take photographs and want to immediately share them with friends and family. With the Postage ~ Postcards app this is now remarkably simple and easy to do. The app actually allows the user to create an electronic postcard from one of over 60 templates and use their onboard contact list to send it out.

Let’s say you are on a family vacation and your kids do something hysterical while at the beach. You snap a picture of their shenanigans and think of how hard your siblings would laugh at the image. With the Postage ~ Postcards app you could open a unique template suitable to your subject, insert that funny picture, add an equally humorous caption and then send it via email or Facebook to anyone you would like.

Not only that, but the app would also allow you to move or zoom in on the image, add some special effects, select unique fonts, and even save copies of the cards to your device library too. If you wanted to send the message via an MMS feature there is an in-app copy and paste feature available to manage that too.

There other photographic apps such as Lifecards and PhotoForge that can send images via messaging options, but the Postage ~ Postcards app is designed specifically for communication between friends and family.

This app functions strictly with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and can work with English, Dutch, Italian and Swedish languages. The cost for the app is $4.99 and all updates are available at no additional cost.

If you want to send photographs and messages in a unique and stylish manner this is the perfect app to download right away.

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