Pizza Hut: Makes Ordering Pizza, Pasta And Wings Easy And Fun

On November 14, 2009

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Pizza Hut: Makes Ordering Pizza, Pasta And Wings Easy And Fun

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If you are a regular diner at the Pizza Hut franchise restaurants then you will definitely want to take a look at the Pizza Hut app. This provides the user with a large array of tools to make ordering their favorite Pizza Hut items easier than ever before. Not only does the app provide for mobile ordering, but it also allows the user to create custom creations and find some additional savings.

There is even a fun game included in the app which is intended to be put to use while the user waits for their order. The Pizza Hut app contains the restaurant’s current menu, including such things as their pasta and chicken wings. The user can call up each item and add it to their order, they can even use the app to build a custom pizza and make special requests.

The app also includes the special virtual fridge that reveals the current coupon codes available as well. Frequent users can create a favorites list that allows them to add their usual items to an order with a single tap.

There are many mobile restaurant apps, but this is the only way for anyone to create and place a Pizza Hut order through their mobile device, and have a lot of fun as they do it.

There is no cost for the app, but the creation of a Pizza Hut account is required for mobile ordering. The app is designed to work with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want a super-simple approach to making a takeout order at your local Pizza Hut, or even for one away from home, this is the app for you.

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