Classes – Timetable: Managing Course Schedules And Assignments In One Location

On May 31, 2010

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Classes – Timetable: Managing Course Schedules And Assignments In One Location

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By: Dustlab

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Any high school or college student will tell you just exactly how hectic and confusing their daily and weekly schedules can become. The Classes – Timetable app provides them with a seriously powerful tool for managing their time, and all of their assignments too.

When using the Classes – Timetable app it is simple to create a two-week block of scheduling and to then color code courses and meetings if desired. Simply turning the device to the horizontal position opens the full week calendar and this presents the user with a very clear illustration of their actual day to day schedule.

Tapping on a class opens the individual window which shows all of the details including the teacher, the location, the time, and any time remaining for that day. Tapping the Assignments tab opens up all of the items due or even overdue for that week. If a course or class must be dropped or is cancelled it is simple to make such an adjustment in the app as well. There are also options for adding notes to events should that be necessary too.

There are other educational scheduling apps such as Study Aid, but the Classes – Timetable app is easily one of the most full-featured and comprehensive available.

The app functions strictly with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and works with English, French, and German languages. The cost for the app is $0.99, and any updates will be made available free of charge.

If you need a handy and reliable way to manage your course schedule and school activities this is a good app to download right away.

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