GateGuru: Never Get Bored Or Frustrated Waiting At An Airport Again

On June 21, 2010

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GateGuru: Never Get Bored Or Frustrated Waiting At An Airport Again

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Ever headed to an airport a bit early and been annoyed at the lack of services in the post-security areas? If you add the GateGuru app to your mobile device you will never face this situation again. The GateGuru app features all of the major airports in the United States as well as many in Canada and Europe as well.

It lists the many amenities available in the airport, including shops, restaurants, and services and the app user can view them by Terminal location, the nearest gate number, or even by their main area of focus. For instance, let’s say that you are at an airport and need to know what sort of dining options are available in the pre-security areas.

The app can tell you all you need to know, but it will also let you in on some insider tips from High Flyers who post comments and reviews about the restaurants, snack bars, book stores, and much more as well. There are even options for bookmarking listings that you would like to use on your stop in the airport, and the ability to integrate with Facebook and Twitter too.

While there are many travel apps that help with flight times and floor plans, the GateGuru app is unique in that it helps the traveler enjoy themselves during layovers and waiting periods in the airports.

There is no cost for the download of the GateGuru app, and all updates are available at no additional expense as well. This app works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to be sure to hit the best stores and restaurants in any airport, this is the app to help you achieve your goals.

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