Hipstamatic: Old School Photography With All Of The Most Desirable Flaws

On February 8, 2010

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Hipstamatic: Old School Photography With All Of The Most Desirable Flaws

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By: Synthetic Corp

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Do you love old photographs that had super saturated color, unintentional vignetting and accidental blur? If so, the Hipstamatic app is a good tool to add to your digital arsenal. It can create the retro images you want, and all through your onboard camera. Although the original Hipstamatic was an inexpensive plastic camera, today it is an easy to use app.

The Hipstamatic app allows a digital photographer to convert their mobile device into a powerful tool for true artwork. The app comes with a variety of lenses, films, and filters that are all intended to produce specific effects and looks. These include such things as the Kodot Verichrome film and the Kaimal Mark II lens among four others.

There is also a standard flash feature too. The images can be added to a photo roll, emailed directly from the app, or posted to a Facebook album too. The app allows the user to preview the effects provided through the use of each lens before they opt to shoot a photograph with it, and there is an in-app store that has many other packages of lenses and effects readily available as well.

There are many photographic apps such as Lo-Mob, ShakeItPhoto, and Vintage Video Maker, but the Hipstamatic app is created to combine a range effects that once came directly through the use of real-world equipment.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and any updates are available at no additional expense. The app functions exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to experiment with digital photography and special effects, while also getting some of the most popular retro looks, then this is the app for you to download today.

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