Police Scanner 2: One Of The Largest Selections Of Emergency Service Streams

On March 29, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Police Scanner 2: One Of The Largest Selections Of Emergency Service Streams

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By: Juicy Development

Version #: 2.1

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How many emergency services streams does your everyday scanner pickup? One hundred? Five hundred? How would you like to have access to more than two thousand streams in a single app? With the Police Scanner 2 app that is entirely possible, plus you can record interesting streams to share with others too.

The Police Scanner 2 app pickups more than two thousand international and national EMS streams, and the user can listen in on any of them while using their device for any other application. The user can browse by country, scroll through a list of their favorites, use the Near Me feature to find only broadcasts in their geographic area, and also open the handy Codes feature to find out exactly what the nature of any emergency might be.

Currently the app picks up streams from nine countries, and any of these broadcasts can be recorded with a single touch of the screen. The user can then send or share these recordings with fellow app users by selecting the Alerts tab or posting information on their Facebook or Twitter pages too.

There are several other EMS apps like the Fire Radio and iScanner, but few can give access to the massive number of streams that the Police Scanner 2 app has achieved. Additionally, the sharing of information and the recording of data are somewhat unique functions as well.

The cost for the app is $4.99 and any updates are free of charge. This app is compatible exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are interested in EMS streams and broadcasts from all around the world the Police Scanner 2 app will deliver the details you crave and is an ideal choice to download today.

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