Leonard Maltin Movie Guide: Over Twenty Thousand Movie Reviews And Interesting Facts

On November 13, 2009

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Leonard Maltin Movie Guide: Over Twenty Thousand Movie Reviews And Interesting Facts

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Do you enjoy movies? Do you have tons of free time to spend watching them? If you are like millions of other people you probably don’t, but you probably also have a list of must-see films that seems to grow very fast. The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app is a wonderful tool for beginning to tackle that list and can also spare you a few wasted hours as well.

The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app offers much more than a single critic’s take on the latest releases, and can really become the ultimate movie fan’s most potent tool. App users can read Maltin’s most recent reviews of all films in current release, find matches based on director and actor names, and even add any discoveries to their Netflix queue with a single tap.

Currently the app contains more than twenty thousand film reviews and interesting facts about the movies, and can allow the viewing of many actors’ filmographies as well. This is often a way to discover unseen films starring preferred and favorite performers. There is also the handy Lists tab that allows the user to list favorite films, films to see, and even poster to buy.

There are many movie criticism apps, and even some linking directly to movie rental sites, but the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide is one that combines reviews, rentals, and reference materials in a single location.

The cost for the app is normally $4.99 with a current holiday special for a limited time for $1.99 and any iTunes or Netflix options come with additional fees. This app is compatible only with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to enjoy every film you view and keep track of all of your favorites, this is the perfect app to acquire today.

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