MeetMe: Pin Point The Perfect Place To Meet With The Help Of Yelp

On September 30, 2009

App Type: iPhone

MeetMe: Pin Point The Perfect Place To Meet With The Help Of Yelp

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Need to meet a colleague for a cup of coffee? Want to stage a reunion with an old flame? Gathering together a group of people for a hike? You probably have two starting points and need a good central or reasonable meeting place. The MeetMe app is a very intuitive and easy to use program for determining a place to meet between those two distant points.

MeetMe asks the user to enter their starting point and that of the other person or persons involved. This can be something as specific as their exact street address, or it can be as general as their zip code. They must then select from a variety of meeting place categories as determined by the popular Yelp website. For instance, they might select a public park, coffee shop, or book store.

The app then determines good candidates that are roughly half-way between the two starting points. This can be shown in a map or in a list format, and with a single touch the user can shift the results closer to one of the starting points if necessary. Once the location has been determined, the directions for reaching it can be emailed to either party or a group of people. The user and the recipients will also be able to read reviews about the meeting point if desired.

There are travel apps, and local guides, but the MeetMe app is quite unique in the way it chooses locations through Yelp. It is available strictly for iPod Touch and iPhone users.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and a free tutorial is available.

If you want to use an innovative approach to social gatherings and meetings, the MeetMe app is a great choice.

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