Moe's Notes: Productivity And Precision That Is Truly Beyond Belief

On June 7, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Moe's Notes: Productivity And Precision That Is Truly Beyond Belief

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By: San Francisco App Studio

Version #: 1.2.2

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Recording your ideas, thoughts, lists, and notes can be a much trickier issue than imagined. You might want to add an image or audio file to improve the value of a note or you might want to add some little extras to a shopping list, but most note making apps just don’t make this a functional activity.

The Moe’s Notes app, however, incorporates every tool possible into the world of mobile thinking. The Moe’s Notes app is designed to integrate photos, sound files, and videos into every note created. The user also automatically gets a time, date, and location stamp for the note as well. This means that gathering information is a far more comprehensive experience, but without any additional work.

The app also features variable audio controls, high-quality image and video editing, the ability to email more than a single note at one time, uploading of images and videos to Facebook, a huge range of search and sort options, and the option to set alerts using one of the individual notes. There is also an easy to use tag feature that allows tags to be attached to notes without the need for any typing.

There are a lot of note and list making apps, but the Moe’s Notes is designed to be the most complete and final solution for those who want to keep their thoughts and their lives as organized or documented as possible.

The app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $3.99 and any updates come at no additional charge.

If you want to enjoy an enormous range of features and functions in a single note making application then this is the one to acquire right away.

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