Boxcar: Push Notifications For The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

On November 12, 2009

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Boxcar: Push Notifications For The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

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If you are someone who uses Twitter, Facebook, and email on a regular basis, the Boxcar app is a good choice for you. It will alert you whenever you receive a Facebook notification including a comment or request, any sort of Twitter action including a mention or DM, and even an email from listed accounts.

Not only will the user of this app receive an alert, but the app automatically triggers their preferred client or application in order to view the information as well. The Boxcar app lets the user know that they have some activity on the registered account and then allows them to view it in the preferred method.

For instance, Twitter users receive their push notification and have eleven different clients through which to view the activities. Facebook opens the mobile app of the site, and the Boxcar app provides users with an exclusive email address to which all assigned accounts forward their messages.

While there are many clients for the more popular social networking sites, including Tweetie 2 and Birdhouse, the Boxcar app is one of the few to roll several primary choices into a single location. Additionally, it is unique in its range of applications through which the push notifications can be viewed.

The app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and requires active accounts with the various sites in order to operate and there is no charge for the app.

If you want to streamline your social networking, this is the app to download right away.

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