VR+: Record Your Voice Notations Or Messages Then Share Them

On December 23, 2009

App Type: iPhone

VR+: Record Your Voice Notations Or Messages Then Share Them

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There have been tiny pocket recorders available for decades. For millions of different people they are a preferred method for making notes, and now the VR+ app makes it easy to create custom voice notations or messages, and to also share them with friends on a wide range of social networking sites.

The VR+ is a highly organized way to make audible notations for yourself, or to share with others. The app features a clear and reliable recording process that can then be saved and tagged under a variety of pre-designed categories. The app user can also set their recording features to automatically share with MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. If friends in any of the sites also use the app, messages can be easily shared and listened to through the Messenger and Sharing tools as well.

The app automatically converts all recordings to the universally used MP3 format which means both Mac and PC users will be able to enjoy the messages created by their friends. All messages can be limited to a single recipient, or they can be made widely available through the easy to use share commands.

There are some voice recording apps, but the VR+ is among an exclusive group that makes voice messaging as easy as creating and sending an email.

There is no cost for this app, but accounts at the various social networking sites are required for full functionality. This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to add a whole new form of communication to your social networking pages and sites, this is the ideal app to try right away.

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