iMExchange: Remotely Access Microsoft Outlook And Be Free From The Office

On December 7, 2009

App Type: iPhone

iMExchange: Remotely Access Microsoft Outlook And Be Free From The Office

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By: RERLSoft

Version #: 1.5.2

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Price: 7.99

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There are so many times when people need to update a calendar, add a task to their to-do list, and make some important or necessary changes to their office-based installation of Outlook. Unfortunately, that often means heading to the actual office in order to do a bit of work at the computer. With the iMExchange app, however, any traditional task can be done remotely.

Those using the iMExchange app can select from a menu of activities that include Tasks, Notes, Out of Office, and Contacts. The app user can keep track of every scheduled task and even manage them while away from their desk. They can also make notes to be instantly imported into their desktop version of Outlook upon arrival back at the office. The app also has a very helpful Out of Office feature that allows remote entry of email and messaging replies, and the entire Contacts list can be managed and accessed through this app as well.

There are many out of office management apps, including TaskTask and Toodledo, but the iMExchange app is a rarity that allows syncing with the existing Outlook installation so often used by many businesses and offices.

The cost for the iMExchange app is $7.99 and any updates to the program are made available at no additional expense. This app is functional strictly with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you need to keep a good hold on your tasks and communications while away from the office, this is a good app to acquire immediately.

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