Silent Bodyguard: Secretly Send An SOS When On A Bad Date Or In A True Emergency

On May 24, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Silent Bodyguard: Secretly Send An SOS When On A Bad Date Or In A True Emergency

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By: Justin Leader, Jo Perry

Version #: 1.5.1

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Price: 3.99

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Ever wished you had the same sort of silent alarm system as a bank? With the Silent Bodyguard app you too can send out an emergency signal without anyone knowing it. With a single touch of a button the user will send a text and email message letting people know they are in trouble and even their current location.

The Silent Bodyguard app requires that the individual be in cellular or WiFi coverage in order for the initial trigger to work. It will then alert the individuals programmed into the software. Usually this means it sends out an SMS message telling a family member or friend that you are experiencing an emergency situation, and it will also include a link to a Google map giving your exact coordinates.

It will continue to do this every sixty seconds, or until the individual is out of cellular service or WiFi range. Because there are no audible alarms connected to the app it is only the individual who has used the system who knows that help is on the way. This is an ideal solution for people who worried about crime, but it is also a great tool for friends who want to rescue one another from uncomfortable scenarios such as very bad dates or times when bullying occurs.

There are other emergency apps such as Emergency Aid and Breadcrumb Trail, but the Silent Bodyguard is one specifically designed for times of crisis and danger.

This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $0.99, and all updates are free of charge.

If you are looking for an assured panic button that will bring help when needed, this is definitely the ideal app for you to download today.

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