Peek: Streamline Your Twitter Account With Customized Feeds And Filters

On January 16, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Peek: Streamline Your Twitter Account With Customized Feeds And Filters

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By: enormego

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Do you hate sifting through the tons of information that seems to fill your Twitter page? With the Peek app you can create customized filters that allow you to design your own feed and also select who appears in it. You pull the custom settings from almost every area of the site, including search results and hashtags.

Those who use the Peek app will be able to quickly and easily sort through their all of their current Tweets and then create custom Peeks to which individual follows and followers are connected. The user can then just open their Peeks tab to see a timeline that they created from their own tweeting needs or requirements.

There are also tables for Trends and Search as well. The Trends are divided into Current, Daily and Weekly timelines and these too can be saved as custom Peeks as well. In fact, the app user is able to select specific Twitter users, tweets in certain hashtags, and anything found using the Search feature to be converted into an ongoing Peek.

There are many Twitter clients for the mobile environment, but the Peeks app is one that offers an unprecedented opportunity for creating an entirely customized timeline without eliminating any current followers or follows.

The cost for the app is $0.99, and all updates arrive entirely free of charge. This app is compatible with both the iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to streamline your use of Twitter and also introduce an element of customization to your daily reading, this is the ideal tool to add to your mobile device.

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