Cisco Mobile Supervisor: Super Efficient Call Centers Have Never Been Easier To Create

On December 8, 2009

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Cisco Mobile Supervisor: Super Efficient Call Centers Have Never Been Easier To Create

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Companies of any size that are using the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) will be able to provide managers and supervisors with a remarkably handy tool – the Cisco Mobile Supervisor app. This allows remote monitoring of all call center teams and data.

Let’s say you are a mid-sized company with a somewhat casual approach to your customer call center, but you would like to understand how it is actually performing. By creating a Cisco Unified CCX account and acquiring the app, you can simply open your mobile device and remotely check in with your call center’s stats. The information will include the Contact Service Queue (CSQ) for every team member, the status of all agents, and even supervisor information as well.

This can not only help management to understand any weaknesses in their systems, but also proactively handle changes or problems as they arise. Data is automatically refreshed per the settings of the app, and even allows color-coding of information to indicate if pre-set thresholds are being exceeded.

The Cisco Mobile Supervisor app is the exclusive option for companies already using the Unified CCX accounts, which means there are no other apps that can deliver such features.

This app functions only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and does need the Unified CCX release of 5.0 or later installed on the device too.

There is no fee for the Cisco Mobile Supervisor app, but an existing account is necessary for functionality.

If you would like to get up to the minute information about your call center data, this is an ideal app to download today.

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