Mercury Web Browser Pro: Surf The Web Just Like You Do At Home With The Features You Need

On June 21, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Mercury Web Browser Pro: Surf The Web Just Like You Do At Home With The Features You Need

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By: iLegendSoft

Version #: 2.4.1

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Tired of a sub-standard browsing experience when using a mobile device? If so, the Mercury Web Browser Pro app is a good choice for you. This is because it operates in the exact manner as a desktop browser, and comes with a massive list of functions and features too.

The Mercury Web Browser Pro app supports tab browsing which means that the user is able to have up to ten different windows operating at one time. When viewing any screen the app user can elect the full screen mode that eliminates the URL bar and allows the best view. When a file is downloaded the app handles the same items as a full browser, and can manage images, PDF files, audio and video streaming, and much more.

There are options for customized actions and gestures, and the app user can even elect to have their browsing remain private. This means that no cookies or history is saved during a browsing session. There are also options for ad blocking to speed up performance, auto URL functions, and bookmarking too. The app is able to work with four major search engines and can launch from Safari if required.

There are a few other browsing apps such as Atomic Web and iSaveWeb, but the Mercury Web Browser Pro app is designed to give the same performance as a full computer browser.

There is no cost for the download and any updates will be made available entirely free of charge as well. This app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to enjoy impressive web browsing functions through your mobile device this is a good app to download for the job.

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