SAS Survival Guide: Take Survival Skills With You On Your Next Big Adventure

On July 5, 2010

App Type: iPhone

SAS Survival Guide: Take Survival Skills With You On Your Next Big Adventure

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Worried about how to survive in a crisis situation? Even if you’re not, the SAS Survival Guide app is often an entertaining and useful app to have loaded into your device. It gives the complete text of the bestselling book by John Wiseman, and functions without connectivity.

Why tote around a 400+ page book when you can just load it into your device? The SAS Survival Guide app contains the complete text of the book, but it has been optimized for viewing on the smaller display screens. It offers a complete First Aid handbook, a compass, a Survival Checklist, quizzes to ensure you know your stuff, a Morse Code device, and even a library of handy videos demonstrating the most essential survival tips in the book.

There is also a remarkably handy photo gallery of the medicinal, edible, and dangerous plants from all around the world, and Extreme Climate Survival guides for various geographic regions too – including desert, ocean, and tropics. There is also a very simple search tool that allows the app user to scan the book by subject or by keyword.

Book apps, and survival guides are available in electronic formats, but the SAS Survival Guide app is one of the most comprehensive and functional.

The cost for the app is $6.99, and any updates are available at no additional fee. The app works with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.

For twenty years the SAS Survival Guide has been the most often recommended and used of all other publications, and anyone who wants to enjoy access to this information around the clock will want to add the app to their device.

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