Ecoki: Take Your Green Reading And Earth Friendly Lifestyle With You

On May 10, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Ecoki: Take Your Green Reading And Earth Friendly Lifestyle With You

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By: Studio 7 Designs

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Millions of people try to live a much more Earth-friendly lifestyle whenever possible. This is the reason that so many printed publications have started to decline, and are now working to create stronger websites to keep readers. The Ecoki app allows fans of the comprehensive Eco-Lifestyle site to enjoy the content whenever they would like.

All of the same excellent content available through the site is viewable through the Ecoki app too. From Living Green to Technology, the user of the app can scour the latest postings and information. Looking for a seasonal recipe? The app will provide access to all of the currently featured articles. Want to share that piece you just read on organic clothing? The built-in email feature allows you to send the link to the article to anyone in your device contact list too. Additionally, the app has one-touch sharing options for those with Twitter and Facebook accounts too.

There are other green lifestyle apps such as Animal Free, Find Green, and Greenopia, but the Ecoki app delivers access to an unprecedented array of news, articles, recipes, reviews and much more.

This app functions exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

There is no charge for the Ecoki app, and users do not have to create any sort of account at the website in order to see full content.

If you are looking for a way to stay on top of all of the Earth-Friendly and green news of the world, this is definitely an app to download to your mobile device today.

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