Momento: Taking Your Daily Journal And Diary To An Unexpected Level

On February 8, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Momento: Taking Your Daily Journal And Diary To An Unexpected Level

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Do you find it difficult to keep your Twitter, Facebook and other online networking pages up to date along with a written journal too? Most people cannot commit enough time to all of these activities, but the Momento app pulls all of the various threads together to create the ultimate daily diary.

Those using the Momento app can write a private entry for each day of the week, and can even attach multiple photographs from the photo roll or library. This isn’t where the story ends, however, because the app also lets them pull daily feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and too. This means that a single day can show the Twitter comments, the songs listened to, and the photos posted to a Flickr account to provide a more accurate recollection.

There is also a handy Tags feature that lets the app user make easy to find tags of events, people, places or any other concept that they put down in their diary as well, and a Rating feature makes it easy to find things with a quick search too. Finally, no one wants their diary wide-open to the world, and the app allows pass codes to be created to ensure that no prying eyes get a look at the contents.

There are many client apps, calendars, and even note making apps, but the Momento app seeks to pull these all together into a single cohesive thread which provides the ultimate in journal or diary writing.

The cost for the app is $2.99, and any updates will be available entirely free of charge. The app functions exclusively with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are a busy journal keeper, or someone who wants to begin writing a diary, this is a good app to download today.

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