Tap Tap Revenge: Test Your Rhythm And Balance Under Pressure

On August 23, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Tap Tap Revenge: Test Your Rhythm And Balance Under Pressure

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By: Tapulous

Version #: 1.7

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If you enjoy video games like Dance Dance Revolution then you will love the Tap Tap Revenge app. This is the game that became the most popular app of 2008, and it asks the player to use all of their iPod Touch or iPhone features in order to win. Any player is going to have to use rhythm, balance, and hand to eye coordination to do well in this game. The Tap Tap Revenge app has been refined and improved to the point of near perfection.

A user can now play solo games, or they can opt to go up against online friends. There are additional songs and soundtracks available for free download as well. The player must tap their screen to deal with the falling arrows displayed on the colorful game screen. Additionally, they must also shake their mobile device from left to right in order to manipulate the objects moving along the screen as well. When you add a second player, the challenges increase and the screen becomes a bit more complex. Screen options allow the user to see the current leader board in any “head to head” competitions and also view their personal gaming statistics too.

While there are other challenging games for iPod Touch and iPhone users to enjoy, such as different pin ball and puzzle games, the Tap Tap Revenge app is consistently ranked in the top download lists. This is because it is fun to play, highly interactive and can be played competitively as well.

There is a free “lite” version of the game, but the full version is only $0.99 to download and it provides ongoing updates and access to new tracks and music.

If you want to experience one of the most popular gaming apps, you will want to get this one today.

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