Cash Register: The Alternative Approach To Setting Up Your Own Mobile Store

On February 1, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Cash Register: The Alternative Approach To Setting Up Your Own Mobile Store

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By: Regenus

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Not all situations requiring a cash register involve a store front and a gleaming countertop and now the Cash Register app makes it simple for any kind of sales-oriented business to perform transactions from anywhere. It is an ideal solution for those with flea market stalls, church sales, fundraisers, farm stands and even crafters too.

The Cash Register app allows the user to create or setup their shop. A single user can have separate stores and inventories too. The app user then enters all of their inventory through the simple interface, which also allows them to enter prices as well. The checkout page then allows the items being purchased to be tallied up, and a built-in calculator indicates the exact change for the cash sale.

A Virtual Register Tape feature provides a clear record of all items sold and the day’s total sales. Finally, there is a handy email feature that creates an easy to read Excel report of all of the sales and changes in inventory for every store too.

There are many business and money management apps, but the Cash Register app is unique in that it is specially designed for the needs of an independent vendor. It allows accurate record-keeping, without all of the fuss of unnecessary business functions.

The cost for the app is $1.99, and any updates are entirely free of charge. The app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you need a freestanding approach to making sales and tracking inventory, this is the ideal solution to download today.

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