Personal Assistant Premium: The Hassle-Free Approach To Managing Activities In Your Life

On February 15, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Personal Assistant Premium: The Hassle-Free Approach To Managing Activities In Your Life

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Who needs to hire help when you can use the Personal Assistant Premium app? This is a streamlined approach to managing all of your necessary accounts and activities. The app provides secure access to all kinds of sites that eliminate the need for data entry too.

The Personal Assistant Premium app provides the user with a way to oversee and manage their bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolio, cell minutes, frequent flyer miles, itineraries, shopping lists, monthly bills and even such things as their Facebook, Blockbuster and eBay accounts too. Interestingly enough, once accounts are added they will automatically update balances and totals, and even indicate such things as available credit, APRs, and due dates on the next payments.

The home page is divided by categories such as Finance, Travel and more, and this makes it even easier to navigate to the data required. Each category page is also full of the kind of details so necessary to good management, such as weather, flight numbers, and individual investments.

There are other money, time, and personal management apps, but the Personal Assistant Premium really strives to provide access to the widest array of accounts and all within a totally secure environment.

The Personal Assistant Premium app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices only. The cost for the app is $6.99 and all updates are made available at no additional cost.

If you need a bit of assistance with life management, this is a good app to acquire right away.

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