Quit Smoking: The Help And Support You Need To Shake This Habit

On August 25, 2009

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Quit Smoking: The Help And Support You Need To Shake This Habit

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If you want to stop smoking but find it really difficult to do so after many failed attempts, you can now try this option instead. The Quit Smoking app is a great way to develop a powerful and successful approach to cutting the cigarette habit out of your life. It is designed by Max Kirsten who is known around the world for his famous self-help programs, and it is proven to be a successful tool to stop smoking.

This app comes with many excellent features that are all geared towards helping a smoker to eliminate the habit. It begins with an introductory video, and then relies on a series of follow up videos, helpful refresher sessions that can be used during times of weakness or strain, powerful testimonials from those who have succeeded through use of the app, and several sessions for developing greater strength to resist cravings.

There is also a great smoking calculator that shows the individual the true costs of their habit, a series of smoking fact cards that show how quickly the body recovers after a stop smoking program begins and much more. The main screen also has a link to the website where additional tools and features can be accessed for free.

Currently there are several smoking cessation apps for iPod Touch and iPhone users including My Stop Smoking, My Last Cigarette and Quit it, but the Quit Smoking app from Max Kirsten offers alternative approaches with a proven record for success.

This app costs $7.99 (about the same as a pack of cigarettes) and includes updates and website access.

When you are ready to get healthy and stop smoking you will want to get this app right away. It could be a life saving decision.

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